Expert Vinyl Pool Repairs & Replacement of Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners

Make your old inground vinyl pool new again!

Expert Vinyl Pool Repairs & Replacement of Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners

Make your old inground vinyl pool new again!

For a Hole in Your Liner Or a Whole New Liner

Count on our meticulous craftsmanship to increase the lifespan of your liner

Offering a Full Range of Vinyl Pool Repair Services

ABCO Vinyl Pool Repair can…


  • Repair your pool’s liner – In addition to vinyl pool leak repair (see below), we also repair waterline sun rot damage. When the top portion of your liner degrades, you know the rest of the liner is coming down the home stretch. But if you can’t afford the inground pool liner replacement cost just yet, we can buy you some time with expert repairs.


  • Find and fix leaks – Our technology can locate even a pinhole vinyl pool leak, while our custom-made tools enable us to repair the vinyl remotely from your pool deck, without draining the water from your pool. If gluing is required, our proprietary glues are as strong as the welds used during the liner’s manufacturing process.

  • Replace your pool’s liner – Inground pool liner replacement for all vinyl pool shapes and sizes, using a top-quality 20 or 27 mil liner in your choice of nearly 50

  • Repair and replace tracks – The tracks are the most important part of your pool, because this is what holds your swimming pool vinyl liner in place.
  • Repair rotten wood walls – Count on us to use our extensive knowledge of vinyl pool construction to make cost-effective repairs using the most long-lasting wood, fasteners and other materials.

  • Renovate and update your pool – Make your pool even better than new! Options include:

    • Add steps, seats and handrails.
    • Install fun LED color-changing pool lights.
    • Upgrade the skimmer and plumbing.
    • Add dedicated pool sweep lines so you can have a skimmer to remove debris from your pool’s surface and an automated pool sweep circulating the water and cleaning the bottom of your pool.

Take Advantage of the ABCO Vinyl Pool Repair’s Expertise

When in ground vinyl liner pools need repairs or renovations, San Diego homeowners count on ABCO to get the job done right. For over 40 years we have focused exclusively on repairing and upgrading these types of pools. Having replaced thousands of liners and repaired countless others, we are masters of this craft. Nobody else even comes close!

In addition to amazing customer service, ABCO is also known for:

  • Longer-lasting liners – Nationally, vinyl inground pool liners last an average of 8 to 10 years. ABCO’s vinyl swimming pool liners last an average of 11 to 13 years, with many lasting even longer than that.How do we achieve this? Meticulous measurements…expert installation of high-quality liners…and a unique “Pool School” that teaches you and your pool servicing company exactly how to care for your new vinyl pool liner.
  • Encyclopedic materials knowledge – There’s a very hostile environment lurking behind your pool’s liner! We know which types of wood, screws, fasteners and other materials will last, and which will hasten the degradation and disintegration of your pool’s infrastructure.
  • Structural issues “crystal ball” – The best time to fix a structural issue and do other vinyl pool repairs is during the “window of opportunity” when the liner is out. After over 40 years in the field, we have the ability to predict what’s likely to fail before the next window of opportunity, and save you from having to prematurely replace your new liner by repairing or replacing these items as part of your inground pool liner installation

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